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But we didn’t grow this for you!

The Good News = The garden is growing! We have little pea and bean sprouts, some lettuces, and some small cucumber, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Nothing is quite ready to harvest yet- well at least not for human consumption. Which brings us to…

The Bad News = The River Mountain Farm animal community is feasting on our teeny plants! Woodchucks, bunnies, and deer – oh my! Yes, oh my, for real. As much as I love that our farm serves as a sanctuary for the deer from the surrounding state game lands and as cute as the groundhog/woodchuck is and as much as I wish to cuddle the bunnies, they are eating our hard work!

Update: We have decided to just give the wildlife the garden bounty this year. They have dug under or stomped on our small fence and continued to chomp down all the plants before they can bear fruit. We have some hope for the tomatoes since they don’t seem to be their favorite and because we planted more than we needed. They haven’t seemed to bother the herbs either, so at least all is not lost. But next year, we will be back and better prepared!

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