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Does this make us farmers now?

What a surreal 2 months it has been I think to myself as we drive up the private drive to our new place with our closing documents all neatly tucked in folders. Did we really just buy a farm? Is this our historic farm with such promise – a promise of work with the hope of someday turning it into something special that honors its history?

The last time we were here at River Mountain Farm the trees were bare and the grass was brownish green, yet we still fell in love with the setting and the opportunities that presented themselves. This time it is full on winter on the farm. Snow covers the farm from trees to pasture. The mountain still looks massive and the river still gently flows still not yet frozen. It is peaceful but also exhilarating.

“Did we really just do this?” I asked as with glee and little bit of terror. “We absolutely did,” he replied with awe and fortitude. “Let’s go for a walk.”

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