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It’s So Itchy

I am one of those lucky people who either have never encountered poison ivy or just don’t have a reaction to it. That all changed this weekend, and I had no idea how lucky I previously was!

That plant pictured above is Poison Sumac- hideous beast that I had never encountered before. Not only is it potent in it poisons, but it is a tricky beast. It does not adhere to the “leaves of three” rule. It looks nothing like poison ivy or poison oak.

As I sit here in agony- most of my upper body covered in a bubbling, itchy and painful rash, I regret trying to be superwoman and take down a tree blocking the drive. Maybe had my Eagle Scout partner taken the lead, I wouldn’t be experiencing the worst itch of my life.

Update: It’s been two weeks and the itch is finally dissipating, but what a valuable lesson I learned. I will never again grab an unknown vine or bush the rest of my days!

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