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Lumber Jacking It

Right after we moved into the house, we realized that this enormous tree was not healthy and even worse was way too close to our house. We knew it would have to come down eventually, but other priorities got in the way. Winter arrived before we knew it, and we were afraid one heavy ice storm could have one of these large limbs on our roof.

Surprisingly, it took us a while to find someone willing to come out and take it down. After numerous calls to recommended tree services, all who said they weren’t willing because it was too close to our house, we finally found this fearless guy. He spent all day in the tree above our roof, whittling it down, limb by limb.

Two days later, we were left with a yard full of the most enormous wooden wedges we have ever seen.

It took us a bit, but we finally managed to get what we needed chopped for the winter and gave away about 4 truckloads to our neighbors. Here’s to many cozy fires in the fireplace over the next few months.

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