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Moving Day!

After spending every weekend of the last month at the farm working our butts off to make space for all of our things, it’s finally time for the first one of us to move all of our belongings into the farm for keeps. It’s also moving day for the dogs- the first of many animals on the farm. Hopefully, the only ones to take up residence in the farm house. 

The day started as expected and as with most moves – too many things crammed into a too small moving truck. Because the only way onto the farm is across a historic bridge with weight and height restrictions, we weren’t able to use a moving company and their large trucks to help us out. So we made do with a DIY move. Getting everything into the truck and to the farm was relatively easy- so yeah, we were jinxed to have a not so easy unloading experience. 

We were still learning the farm and its quirks. We learned: the farm is muddy, very muddy in the early spring; and  our lovely farmhouse on the hill is not the easiest place to get to in a weighted down truck in the mud. We also learned that together we are pretty good problem solvers. We not only figured how to bury the moving truck into the mud at the bottom of the hill; we figure out how to unbury it and get it to the top of the hill through an abundance of curses and mud splattered everywhere, but limited damages to property and person.

We survived- my things are all unpacked now and all the mud we tracked into the house has been washed away. And I couldn’t be happier to be all moved into my new home.

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