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Our Tomato Patch Runneth Over!

It started out well… We had fun going into the garden each day and grabbing a few fresh tomatoes to enjoy.

I knew we had more plants than we needed and more than we had originally agreed to, but then the deer and the woodchucks were helping themselves to the harvest. We thought we would be okay- but then they started rolling in.

The plants produced and produced and produced. And it doesn’t feel right to just let them go to waste. We have given some away; we have made sauce and soup; we have roasted them and turned them into salads and relishes.

But it’s time to be real, and I am sure I will regret saying this in December- but I am burdened by tomatoes. All these tomatoes are stressing me out! And please someone remind me of this feeling when we are planting the garden next May.

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