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Spring is Springing!

Finally, the farm is getting green, and its even more lovely than we had hoped it would be. When you buy 137 acres in the winter, you hope that it will meet your expectations in greener times. And it has- we have green pastures and blooming trees. It was such a lovely weekend that we […]

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Moving Day!

After spending every weekend of the last month at the farm working our butts off to make space for all of our things, it’s finally time for the first one of us to move all of our belongings into the farm for keeps. It’s also moving day for the dogs- the first of many animals […]

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Does this make us farmers now?

What a surreal 2 months it has been I think to myself as we drive up the private drive to our new place with our closing documents all neatly tucked in folders. Did we really just buy a farm? Is this our historic farm with such promise – a promise of work with the hope […]

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First look at the farm

First view of River Mountain…

We just got the first look at the farm we’re thinking about buying next year. It’s beautiful. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime property. How are we going to make this work? There’s a main house and 8 or 9 outbuildings…the barn and sheds are in great shape but some of the other buildings need A LOT of […]

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