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The Porcupine and the Jeep

It’s 12:30 a.m. What in the world is making that noise- like a little man with a little hammer right outside our window? A few peeps out the window and a quick trip outside turn up no results. Only after another 30 minutes of the incessant tapping, did we fully investigate and discover the pokey bandit chewing the under carriage of Drew’s jeep.

Seriously? A porcupine? Who knew they would just come out of the woods and chew up our vehicles? And they aren’t really that scared of people! Drew had to poke him with a stick at least 3 times and then start up the car next to the Jeep before he finally strutted away.

There is truly never a dull moment on this farm- not even in the dead of night. But here’s hoping we don’t see our porcupine friend again any time soon.

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