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Will it Grow?

I grew up with a garden and while I loved the fresh tomatoes, corn, and strawberries that came out of it each summer, I did not look forward to all the work planting and weeding and general tending each year. But when you buy a farm with 30 acres of pasture land, you CAN’T NOT have a garden, right?

In fact the previous owners already had a garden area outlined, so it should be pretty simple. We would just use the tiller that came with the farm, plant some veggies and wait for them to grow 🙂 Well- maybe it would have been that simple had the tiller actually worked and the soil not been full of rocks. We persevered- we hand tilled, we spent an afternoon perusing the plants at the nursery, and then another afternoon getting the plants and seeds into the ground. We even labeled the rows so we would know what was growing.

Now we just cross our fingers and wait until harvest! Right?

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